5 Movie Scenes Set in Paris that you may not want to watch

Pairs has often been the setting for movies of various genres, including horror and psychological thrillers. Some scenes set in Paris are particularly intense and may be distressing for viewers who are sensitive to graphic or disturbing content. Here are five movie scenes set in Paris that you might want to avoid if you’re looking to steer clear of more harrowing cinematic moments:

  1. “Irreversible” (2002) by Gaspar Noé
    Without a doubt, “Irreversible” features some of the most graphic and disturbing scenes in modern cinema. The movie is notorious for its extended, brutal rape scene in a Parisian underpass and a subsequent violent act of revenge at a club named “Rectum.” Viewer discretion is strongly advised, given its intensity.
  2. “Martyrs” (2008) by Pascal Laugier
    This French horror film starts in Paris and is both psychologically and physically intense. Known as one of the most extreme entries in the “New French Extremity” movement, the movie contains scenes of brutal torture and a harrowing descent into madness.
  3. “High Tension” (“Haute Tension” or “Switchblade Romance”) (2003) by Alexandre Aja
    While not exclusively set in Paris, this French slasher film is known for its extreme violence and shocking twist. The movie’s graphic nature and blood-soaked sequences can be quite distressing.
  4. “As Above, So Below” (2014) by John Erick Dowdle
    Set in the catacombs beneath Paris, this horror film follows a group of explorers who face unspeakable terrors as they delve deep into the underground labyrinths. Claustrophobic settings, sudden scares, and unsettling discoveries make this a nerve-wracking watch.
  5. “The Divide” (2011) by Xavier Gens
    While it’s more post-apocalyptic than strictly horror, this film, set in a Parisian apartment’s basement fallout shelter, contains disturbing scenes of the human psyche’s descent under extreme conditions. Graphic violence, sexual assault, and the general breakdown of human decency can make this a challenging viewing experience.

For those sensitive to graphic content, it might be a good idea to be wary of these films or to at least be prepared for their intense nature.






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