4 News anchors on French TV you probably dont know but your colleagues do

While many news anchors in France are well-known to the local populace due to the nature of their profession, they might be lesser-known to the international audience. Here are four French TV news anchors who may not be instantly recognizable to those outside of France:

  1. Audrey Crespo-Mara: Journalist and television presenter, Audrey has worked with major French channels, including TF1 and LCI. While she has had a notable career in France, her name might not be immediately recognizable to an international audience unfamiliar with French news broadcasts.
  2. Julian Bugier: Serving as the anchor for the evening news on France 2, Julian Bugier has carved out a respected position in French media. Yet, despite his prominent role, he may not be well-known beyond the borders of France.
  3. Anne-Claire Coudray: A familiar face on TF1, Anne-Claire Coudray presents the weekend news. With a journalistic career spanning various roles, her contributions are significant in the French media landscape, but her recognition might be limited internationally.
  4. Laurence Ferrari: A prominent journalist and television presenter, Laurence has anchored the evening news for TF1 and later worked for D8 (now C8) and other networks. Although she’s a recognized figure in French media, she might not be a household name outside of France.






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