20 English Words regularly Used in Every Day French Conversation

Many English words have found their way into the French language, especially with the advent of globalization and the dominance of English in pop culture and technology. Here are 20 English words that are regularly used in everyday French:

  1. Le weekend: Refers to Saturday and Sunday, just as “weekend” does in English.
  2. Le parking: A place to park cars, like a parking lot or garage.
  3. Le stop: The stop sign. “Faire un stop” means to make a complete stop.
  4. Le jogging: Refers to both the activity of running and the attire one might wear to run.
  5. Le sandwich: A sandwich.
  6. Le sweat (sweat-shirt): A sweatshirt.
  7. Le shopping: The act of shopping.
  8. Le email or e-mail: An email. Note: While “email” is used, the French also have “courriel,” especially in more formal contexts or in Canadian French.
  9. Le smartphone: A cell phone with smart capabilities.
  10. Le selfie: The act of taking a self-portrait with a smartphone.
  11. Le chat: Online chat.
  12. Le manager: A person in charge, like a manager in a company.
  13. Le design: Design, often in the context of graphic or product design.
  14. Le challenge: A challenge or task to be accomplished.
  15. Le best-seller: A highly popular item or book.
  16. Le thriller: A thriller, typically referring to the genre of movie or book.
  17. Le cookie: The sweet treat we know as a cookie, but also the digital kind (web cookies).
  18. Le steak: Steak. However, note that the French pronunciation sounds more like “stake.”
  19. Le brunch: A meal between breakfast and lunch, combining elements of both.
  20. Le camping: Refers to both the act of camping and the campsite itself.

Though these English words are used in everyday French, they’re often pronounced with a French twist and may sometimes take on slightly different nuances.






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