10 Weather Forecasters on French TV

  1. Evelyne Dhéliat – One of the most recognized faces in French meteorology, Dhéliat has been presenting the weather on TF1 for many years.
  2. Tatiana Silva – After succeeding Catherine Laborde, Silva presents the weather on TF1.
  3. Laurent Romejko – A fixture on France 3, he’s been presenting weather reports for years.
  4. Anaïs Baydemir – This familiar face presents the weather on France 2.
  5. Météo Mélanie (Mélanie Ségard) – Mélanie, the first weather presenter in France with Down syndrome, presented the weather on France 2 after a popular social media campaign.
  6. Nathalie Rihouet – She’s been a weather presenter on France 2 for many years.
  7. Chloé Nabédian – Another face on France 2, Nabédian presents both weather and environmental segments.
  8. Louis Bodin – Presenting on both RTL and TF1, Bodin is a recognized meteorologist in France.
  9. Sandra Larue – A weather presenter on BFM TV, Larue is familiar to many French viewers.
  10. Marie-Pierre Pathy – She presents weather forecasts on France 3.
  11. Marc Hay – A notable weather presenter on BFM TV, his expertise and engaging presentation style have made him a favorite among viewers.
  12. Régis Dupont – Another meteorologist whose forecasts have graced French screens for many years.
  13. Joëlle Ceccaldi-Reynaud – Beyond her political role, she’s also known to present the weather occasionally.
  14. Patricia Charnelet – She’s been presenting for years and is another familiar face on French television.
  15. Virginie Hilssone – Another presenter from France 2, she’s been part of their meteorology team for a while.

These individuals are significant in the meteorology scene in France and have contributed to the public’s understanding and appreciation of weather science.






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