10 things you shouldn’t do with your Saucisson

Saucisson is a type of cured sausage popular in France and other parts of Europe. While it’s versatile and delicious, there are certain things you shouldn’t do with a saucisson:

  1. Don’t Eat the Rind Without Checking: Some saucissons have an edible rind, while others do not. Ensure the rind is meant to be consumed before eating.
  2. Avoid Freezing for Extended Periods: While you can freeze saucisson, doing so for extended periods can alter its texture and flavor.
  3. Don’t Slice Too Early: Wait to slice saucisson until you’re ready to eat it to preserve its freshness and prevent it from drying out.
  4. Avoid Thick Slices: Saucisson is best enjoyed thinly sliced to savor its texture and intricate flavors.
  5. Don’t Cook It Like Regular Sausage: Saucisson is meant to be eaten as is. Cooking can alter its intended flavor and texture.
  6. Avoid Keeping it in Plastic: Store saucisson in paper or a cloth bag to allow it to breathe. Plastic can cause it to sweat and alter its flavor.
  7. Don’t Serve it Cold: Saucisson should be served at room temperature to fully appreciate its flavor.
  8. Avoid Pairing with Strong Flavors: When serving, pair it with mild accompaniments to avoid overpowering its flavor.
  9. Don’t Ignore the Use-by Date: Even though saucisson is cured, it still has a shelf life. Always check for any mold or off smells.
  10. Avoid Washing the Saucisson: If you find mold on the surface, it’s a natural part of the curing process. Simply brush it off or wipe with a damp cloth. Washing can introduce unwanted moisture.






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