10 French People who have Changed their citizenship for Tax Reasons

Several French celebrities and business people have, over the years, relocated or changed their citizenship/residency status, often cited due to the high tax rates in France. It’s important to note that while some have changed citizenship, others have just become tax residents in other countries. Here are some notable figures:

  1. Gérard Depardieu: One of the most famous French actors, Depardieu made headlines in 2012 when he took Russian citizenship after expressing his discontent with the French tax system.
  2. Alain Delon: The iconic actor moved to Switzerland many years ago, with taxes being one of the reasons.
  3. Johnny Hallyday: The “French Elvis” moved to Switzerland in the early 2000s, citing the tax benefits as a reason.
  4. Charles Aznavour: The late legendary singer lived in Switzerland for several decades. While his motivations weren’t solely tax-related, the favorable tax regime was among his reasons.
  5. Bernard Arnault: The billionaire owner of LVMH, Arnault, applied for Belgian citizenship in 2012. Although he later withdrew his application, it caused a media frenzy about tax motivations.
  6. Jean-Michel Jarre: The music composer and producer also chose to become a resident of Switzerland, with its more favorable tax regime.
  7. Richard Virenque: The former professional cyclist moved to Belgium, where tax rates are more favorable for his income bracket.
  8. Florent Pagny: The popular singer relocated to Patagonia in Argentina and then later to Portugal, citing the French tax system as one of his reasons.
  9. Patricia Kaas: The singer and actress moved to Switzerland, another destination popular among French celebrities for tax reasons.
  10. Yannick Noah: Former tennis star and now singer, Noah has faced criticism for his decision to reside in Switzerland, which he has said was partly for tax reasons.

It’s worth noting that the decision to change residency or citizenship is multifaceted, and while tax might play a significant role, there could be other personal or professional reasons as well. Additionally, the decision by some high-profile individuals to leave France due to tax reasons has sparked debates on tax reforms in the country.






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