10 Fires that have Occurred in Paris

  1. Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire (2019): A devastating fire engulfed the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral, causing significant damage, especially to its spire and roof.
  2. Grenelle Tower Fire (2019): A fire in a residential building in the 16th arrondissement resulted in multiple fatalities.
  3. Ritz Paris Fire (2016): A fire broke out at the luxury Ritz Paris hotel during its renovation, though no injuries were reported.
  4. Gobelins Fire (2015): A fire in a building in the Gobelins area led to several fatalities and injuries.
  5. Radio France Fire (2014): A fire broke out at the headquarters of Radio France, leading to the evacuation of the building.
  6. City Hall Fire (2014): A small fire occurred at the Hôtel de Ville (City Hall) during a music event, though it was quickly contained.
  7. Barbès Market Fire (2011): A significant fire engulfed the Barbès Market, causing extensive damage.
  8. Social Center Fire (2005): A fire in a Parisian building that housed a social center resulted in multiple fatalities.
  9. Opera Hotel Fire (2005): A fire at the Paris-Opéra hotel led to several deaths and injuries.
  10. Mercedes-Benz Showroom Fire (2008): The Mercedes-Benz showroom on the Champs-Élysées experienced a fire, though no injuries were reported.






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