10 Facts for Nudists in Paris

Paris, known for its rich history and cultural diversity, has also been a part of the nudist movement. Here are ten nudist-related facts about Paris:

  1. Bois de Vincennes: In 2017, Paris opened its first official nudist zone in the Bois de Vincennes park, allowing naturists to enjoy the area freely during the warmer months.
  2. Nudist Restaurants: “O’naturel,” Paris’s first nudist restaurant, opened its doors in 2017, allowing diners to enjoy their meals in the nude. However, it closed in 2019 due to lack of business.
  3. Nudist Day: Paris has hosted a “Journée Parisienne du Naturisme” (Parisian Day of Naturism) in the past, where various activities, including yoga and picnics, were organized for nudists in the city.
  4. Swimming: The Roger Le Gall swimming pool in the 12th arrondissement has specific hours reserved for nudists several times a week.
  5. Nudist Associations: Paris is home to several nudist associations, such as the “Association des Naturistes de Paris,” which organizes various events and activities for its members.
  6. Nudist Library Visits: In 2018, a group of nudists visited the Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum in Paris for a special tour, making headlines.
  7. Annual Nudist Events: Paris hosts an annual naturist day where nudists gather for various activities, including workshops, games, and sunbathing.
  8. Nudist Theater: In 2019, a play titled “Nu et Approuvé” (Naked and Approved) was performed in Paris, where both the audience and the actors were nude.
  9. Growing Acceptance: While nudism was once a taboo subject, Paris has seen a growing acceptance of the lifestyle, with more events and spaces catering to nudists.
  10. Nudist Demonstrations: In the past, nudists in Paris have organized demonstrations advocating for the rights of naturists and promoting body positivity.

While Paris is primarily known for its art, fashion, and cuisine, the city’s openness to various lifestyles, including nudism, showcases its progressive and inclusive nature.






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