10 Computer Games set in Paris

Paris, with its iconic landmarks and romantic ambiance, has been a popular setting for various computer and video games. Here are ten games that are set in Paris:

  1. Assassin’s Creed Unity: Set during the French Revolution, players can explore a detailed recreation of 18th-century Paris.
  2. Remember Me: This action-adventure game is set in a futuristic Paris, where memories can be altered and shared.
  3. The Saboteur: Set during World War II, players take on the role of an Irish race car mechanic turned resistance fighter in Nazi-occupied Paris.
  4. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars: This point-and-click adventure game starts with an explosion in a Parisian café and takes players on a mystery-solving journey.
  5. Midnight in Paris: A hidden object game where players explore famous Parisian landmarks.
  6. Paris 1313: The Mystery of Notre-Dame Cathedral: An adventure game that delves into the mysteries of the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral.
  7. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: One of the game’s maps, “Kafe Dostoyevsky,” is set in a Parisian café.
  8. Hitman: Contracts: One of the missions, “Hunter and Hunted,” takes place in Paris during a fashion show.
  9. Wolfenstein: Youngblood: This first-person shooter is set in an alternate 1980s Paris, where players fight against Nazi forces.
  10. Beyond Good & Evil: While not set in Paris directly, the game’s city of Hillys is heavily inspired by Parisian architecture and culture.

These games capture various aspects of Paris, from its historical events to its iconic architecture, offering players unique experiences in the City of Light.






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