Best of Paris 2018

Best Doughnuts in Paris 2018

Boneshaker Doughnuts was founded by Cordon Bleu alumna Amanda Bankert and her husband, Louis Scott. In 2015, Amanda purchased a small home fryer for 10 euros at a garage sale in Montmartre and started making […]

Best of Paris 2018

Best Business Group in Paris 2018

Since the previous Best of Paris 2017 campaign, this Facebook group has grown from 570 members to 1280, proving that the community is a valued support network for English-speaking freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners in […]


Best Expat YouTuber in Paris 2018

31-year-old Mexican, Mirella Bouteiller, certainly made her mark on the Best of Paris 2018 campaign by receiving the most votes across all categories. This content creator and influencer, launched her own YouTube channel in 2015 […]

Best of Paris 2018

Best Womens’ Network in Paris 2018

Created in 2014, this community of mothers has grown to 3000 members across Paris and the suburbs. The group organises events, get-togethers, playgroups, etc. supporting each other as women and working mothers. The past 12 […]

Best of Paris 2018

Best Cocktail Bar in Paris 2018

Little Red Door is a cosy bar in the third arrondissement. With inviting decor, a relaxed environment, big smiles and an offering that aims to create an experience from the moment you walk in, Little […]

Best of Paris 2018

Best Burrito in Paris 2018

Former ‘maitre d’hôtel’ at Le Fouquet’s Barrière and member of the opening team for The Mandarin Oriental Paris, Tito always wanted to develop his own restaurant and promote Mexican food in France at an affordable […]

Best of Paris 2018

Best Food Blog 2018

Mad About Macarons was initially created to accompany Jill Colonna’s first French patisserie recipe book. Jill focuses on enjoying do-able, easy French (and Scottish) classic recipes, adding her own twists and enlightening stories – all […]