The 7 stages of living with French Numbers

Stage 1. Accuracy over Flair You’ve dabbled with French numbers and are at ease giving out single digits ( You accept the risk of coming across as a ‘simple’ person but you’re a firm believer […]


Photo pick of the month

Ketevan Giorgadze was born in Georgia, and raised in Moscow before moving to Paris where she now shares her visually stunning experiences on her instagram profile @Katie.one. With Ketevan’s creative flair, attention to detail and […]


France – Welcome To Reality

By Belle David Welcome to France, where knowing English alone guarantees you a life lost in translation. You’re probably thinking, “I’m an expat, not an immigrant. I’ve managed with just English in other countries before.” […]


Pitch in Paris 2017

The International School of Management (ISM) has taken its student and entrepreneurial offerings one step further. Understanding that many business students ultimately want to launch their own business, the school has now added a final […]