How to shop like a Parisian

Olivier Giraud is giving away 3×2 tickets to his show How to Become A Parisian in One Hour. Simply let us know your FUNNIEST PARISIAN MOMENT and Olivier will pick his 3 favourites and give tickets 💗 His […]


The most beautiful hyperlapse of Paris?

2 weeks visiting Paris with his girlfriend gave Tyler Fairbank the perfect opportunity to visit all the tourist hotspots and produce this stunning video. All time and hyper-lapses were taken on a Sony A7s with three lenses […]


How Expats Spend the Christmas Holidays

Rosie McCarthy, HR / YouTuber I’ve been in France for 4 years now and have spent 3 beautiful Christmases in Avignon with my partner’s family (definitely not complaining with the “treize desserts” tradition!). This year, it […]