HIV Stricken in Paris

On November 2011, I disburdened myself of possessions, job and lifestyle to seek adventure and purpose –an impulsive decision after months of depression. Stuffing the last remains of what belongings and old life remained into […]


Zakia Ahasniou

When did you have the epiphany to become an actress / playwright? I can’t say it was an epiphany. I like to say that it grew on me. I started doing theater when I was 8 […]


The Story of French Delicacies

France is known for its gastronomic cuisine, famous chefs, Michelin restaurants and ‘Les Gourmands’. There are a few French delicacies that almost everyone associates with France. The more adventurous tourists and expats can boast to […]


Sabri Obtains Extended TEDx License

TED (, a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks, has awarded Sabry Ben Radhia, graduate in Paris from Bizerte, Tunisia with an extended license to organise TEDx […]


Expat Association WICE Open Day

The English-speaking association based in Paris which provides a wide array of learning and volunteer opportunities through art, cultural, language programs & social activities is hosting an open evening on the 18th February. The occasion […]