15th May – A free night of rockabilly blues

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If you’re looking to do something a little different on May 15th, expat artist and community member Moe Delaitre is putting on a free event that may be of interest.

“Come out to my farm in the countryside for one evening all you expats…. I’ve organized this event for May 15th… there is nothing else to do on Wednesday nights in Paris, so why not zip out to Ussy sur Marne and treat yourself to a night of kick ass rockabilly blues. I’ve managed to get an American group (SWAMPCANDY) who is huge on the east coast, and has started to tour in England and Ireland. This will be their first gig in France, and I think we should show them some expat luv. Also that evening we will be opening the music barn to Tio Feurte, a sculptor who has taken eco-art to a new level. He has been in residence at the farm for three months and will share his work on the evening of the concert. There are plenty of trains to catch from Gare de L’Est (direction Chateau Thierry)…

The beer is all artisinale, from a 50 kilometer circle around the farm. Delicious. Dancing, art, beer… what’s not to like?

The evening is free… View the event page here

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