10 Tips on how to make a long distance relationship work (according to a couple that beat the distance)

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Tricia and Jean-Baptiste beat the distance and shared their story here


1. Exercise patience. Long distance is hard, more so when there is a large time difference. It was especially difficult for JB to wait for me to finish my work day. He was quite patient and I am forever grateful.

2. Be prepared to eat spaghetti and rice for a month while you save every penny you can manage, to afford another expensive journey. In the end, those few extra pounds you gain are worth it!

3. Communicate! This is especially important if you both have a different first language. Words and expressions mean different things when translated.

4. Invest in your computer hardware and software. FaceTime, or the equivalent, is key for long distance communication. Also, you need a strong WiFi signal!

5. Take a leap of faith. If the opportunity presents itself for you to move, just do it if it feels right! You don’t want to look back later with regret…


1. Change the time on your clock to your partner’s local time.

2. Trust each other, take a breath and shut down your imagination.

3. Try to FaceTime every day, talk about your daily life… You have to feel your partner isn’t far away! And text each other as if you’re in the same country.

4. Straight after a trip, schedule the next visit so you both know when you’ll see each other again.

5. Try to show your love and how much this love will be stronger than anything in the world. Try to send lots of signs of love and be romantic!

Tricia and Jean-Baptiste beat the distance and shared their story here

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