10 things French men love about foreign women

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We hear a lot of stereotypes about the “French lover”, in France and elsewhere. As a Frenchman, I frequently hear that my male compatriots are generally successful with the women they encounter abroad, because of a certain French aura. It is possible that there are qualities about French men that women abroad like more than French women do, but what about the opposite? What do French men living in France like about foreign women here?

Being a student myself, I’ve met a lot of foreign students here, which has sometimes led to encounters with foreign women. From both my own and my peers’ experience, and with a general knowledge about French men, here are 10 things that French men love about non-French women.

1.   The new experience

This first and simplest reason sounds obvious. Dating or having a casual relationship with a non-French woman is at least a marginally different experience from dating a French one, in terms of culture or character. Some would say that it is even refreshing in some cases!

The traits in which those differences will be found vary greatly depending on the woman’s nationality and the man’s expectations: this also means that a significant difference from French women in some respects may also be perceived as negative.

2.  Learning a language

Of course, relationships are never just tools for self-improvement. Nevertheless, being with a foreign person can bring added value to a potential relationship and it can be intellectually stimulating to speak a foreign language with a native speaker. A French man may therefore like to speak English with a woman he is in a relationship with, even if his English isn’t great – and it very often isn’t!

3.  Sharing cultures

No, this is not an analogy for sex! It can be very interesting to discover a foreign culture through another person. This is even truer in the case of a romantic or sexual encounter. Despite the stereotypes, French men are not always chauvinistic and arrogant!

4.  A different taste in looks

While straight French men generally like French women and their looks, some may be less attracted to them, and more so to non-French women. This can be true both in terms of style (clothing, makeup) and in terms of ethnicity, and even sometimes in terms of fitness, as some nationalities tend to just work out more than the French do.

5.  Different sexual habits

There it is, the paragraph you’ve all been waiting for. Of course, one appealing aspect of foreign women for French men is the different sexual experience. This difference in sex will vary greatly depending on the individual non-French woman and the country she is from, but it can be a powerful motivation to encounter foreign women. Anyone who says otherwise is not being honest!

6.  A different  Relationship experience

Foreign women may have a radically different way of dating from French women: for instance, the American concept of dating isn’t really a thing in France. Either you’re in a relationship, or you’re not more than sex buddies. Some French men may prefer a different way of seeing a relationship than the typical French way, like this American sweet middle spot of dating!

7.  Showing France

This is close to the culture sharing thing, albeit more specific. French men love to show their country, their city or just their direct surroundings to foreign people. This is especially true for foreign girls they have a relationship with.

8.  Showing off

Coming from a French guy, the stereotype of French pride, or even chauvinism, may not be completely wrong! This is not an indictment of all my fellow French men, nor necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, this means that almost any French man will enjoy being somewhat of an ambassador for his country, its way of life and its culture. This is not a bad thing, as it can imply plenty of good wine.

9.  The thrill of the chase

All things considered, France is a sexually liberal country. One-night stands and ‘friends with benefits’ are a big thing here, and there is nothing close to a three-dates rule AT ALL. This is not something that all French men love: some can enjoy the thrill of the chase more than the norm. This is a potential reason for them to love foreign women, who may be harder to seduce!

10.  The possibility of leaving France and building a life elsewhere

This is obviously not the case for most French men, but some may just want to build a life elsewhere. Meeting and dating a foreign woman may just be the foundation of this dream life, and of a family outside of France, in the partner’s country.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions stated in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the publication.

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