1 point for everything on this list you’ve done in Paris

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1. Taken the RER in the wrong direction and only realised 10 minutes into the journey.

2. Lied to someone that there was a colis suspect and that’s why you’re late.

3. Forgot to say bonjour and received evils from the shopkeeper but you’ve since made up.

4. Deliberately hidden from someone to avoid re-bonjouring them.

5. Helped out a tourist with directions giving them a positive impression of Paris and Parisians.

6. Told someone to clean up after their dog.

7. Saved a friend by nudging them out of the dog poop path.

8. Stood up for yourself and stated that you’re not a tourist.

9. Argued with a local in their own language.

10. A bonus point if you walked away feeling like you won.

11. Convincingly acted interested when informed that Brian is in the kitchen.

12. Left the office on time, leaving your colleagues to make up for the extra long lunch they took.

13. Obtained a CDI.

14. Politely declined to translate something because enough is enough now.

15. Found an apartment with a contract (sublets don’t earn you points here).

16. Escaped Châtelet station in under 10 minutes.

17. Made a French friend.

18. Got «les ponts» for 2019 all planned and accepted by HR.

19. Reminded someone that escalator etiquette requires them to stand on the right.

20. Spent a majority of a working day in meetings.

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